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The Water Works & Sewer Board of the Town of Fort Deposit was incorporated on August 28, 1948. We have been serving customers for over 60 years. We supply about 700 customers with water and about 500 of the water customers are on the sewer. We have 3 wells and 2 tanks. Local tank 1 is 200,000 gallon elevated and the new tank is 500,000 gallon elevated. We meet testing required by EPA and ADEM, and are in compliance with all drinking water standards.

The Water Works & Sewer Board of the Town of Fort Deposit has a Wastewater Treatment Plant. This Treatment Plant has been in service since 1970. The original plant consisted of a single 7-acre water stabilization pond. Because of the reclassification of the effluent receiving system, the plant had to be upgraded to meet new, stricter effluent discharge limits. The Plant improvements included modification of the existing stabilization pond to a partial-mix aerated lagoon, followed by two constructed wetlands treatment ponds and a post aeration pond. The wetlands treatment was selected for Fort Deposit system because it allowed low maintenance and energy requirements while providing a high degree of wastewater treatment. This wastewater is also tested monthly and meets all requirements. The system has 10 pumping stations that pump sewage to the lagoon for filtration.

In 2012 the WWSB upgraded the meters to the electronic read system. This system gives a more exact account of the water used by our customers. We have just recently upgraded our Telemetry system for the wells. This system is done by satellite. It lets the operators know when there is a problem at the wells.